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From raw talent to polished stars we refine, we train, we hire – with brilliance

The world we create at Analytics Avenue for Research and Development (AARD). We're not just an edutech company – we're your talent alchemist, transforming raw potential into radiant stars who illuminate your organization's success.

Refining raw talents into shining stars

We believe every individual holds a spark of brilliance, waiting to be ignited. Our corporate training programs are meticulously crafted to identify and nurture that spark. We don't just train skills; we cultivate mindsets, foster collaboration, and instill a thirst for continuous learning

From classroom to C-suite

Our training curriculum is as diverse as your workforce. We offer industry-specific programs, leadership development workshops, and soft skills training that cater to every level, from entry-level recruits to seasoned executives.
We believe in experiential learning, using interactive sessions, real-world case studies, and cutting-edge technology to make knowledge not just stick, but soar

Gain an experience of a 2+ years experienced candidate




Machine learning

Powerbi/ Tableau

Portfolio Setup

AI Automation

Marketing Analytics

Risk Analytics

Financial Analytics

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